Take Your Seat at the Gold Table

Hopper Hosts Pupils at Gold Table

Hopper’s ‘Gold Table’ is a regular feature in dining rooms across many of our schools in Liverpool.  Places at the Gold Table are awarded to pupils for good behaviour at lunchtime or who have excelled in their classes during the week.  Each Friday, the names of each pupil invited to sit on the table is announced during that morning’s assembly.

As the name suggests, everything on the ‘Gold Table’ is gold in colour; from the cutlery to the placemats, and each pupil receives a gift bag from Hopper as a reward for achieving their place.

One Head Teacher told us, “Hopper’s Gold Table is a great way to help children understand the importance of good behaviour throughout school and within the dining room.  It also encourages our pupils to eat all of their lunch as well as be supportive, polite and considerate of each other”.

Hopper Rewards Good Behaviour with a place at the Gold Table

Hopper Rewards Good Behaviour with a place at his ‘Gold Table’